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3 Signs Your Commercial Laundry Room Needs Maintenance

Commercial Laundry rooms are essential facilities for many businesses– not just apartment complexes and laundromats, but also hospitals, hotels and even some rest stops. Many people rely on these commercial laundry spaces for clean linens, clothes and towels. Commercial Laundry rooms are a huge boost to rental properties.

But as time goes on, these laundry machines start to show wear and tear. Having broken or defunct washing machines and dryers is often worse than not having them at all. Old, broken laundry machines give your rental property a derelict look that can drive away potential renters.

Instead of losing out on money, consider getting your commercial laundry room regularly maintained. Below we have listed the 3 top signs that your commercial laundry room needs maintenance or upgrades, and how it can help your commercial laundry business.

Decreased Energy Efficiency and Increased Energy Consumption from Laundry Machines

Modern washing machines and dryers are very energy efficient, with some smart laundry machines being able to tell you the exact amount of energy they are consuming. The energy consumption and efficiency of your laundry machines are crucial to the overall profitability of your commercial laundry business. That is why if you notice an increase in energy consumption but a decrease in machine efficiency, it's a good sign your laundry machines are due for maintenance and maybe even upgrades.

There are many reasons why un-maintained laundry machines use increased energy consumption and are less effective. Here are a few:

Outdated Washing Machines and Dryers

As laundry equipment ages, it becomes less efficient in cleaning and drying. This means it requires a longer cycle to complete, and needs more water and energy. If you notice that the washers and dryers in your commercial laundry room are taking longer than usual and your energy bill has increased without changing habits, it likely means your commercial laundry room needs maintenance.

Inefficient Commercial Laundry Room Layout

Did you know that an inefficient machine layout and workflow can decrease the energy efficiency of your laundry room? A laundry facility with a poor layout can impact workflow, resulting in wasted time. Consider hiring a commercial laundry management company to evaluate the layout of your commercial laundry room– they can suggest the best possible layout for the space provided to optimize efficiency and laundry productivity.

Laundry Machines Frequently Breaking

A commercial laundry room with unreliable laundry machines isn't going to get a lot of business. Frequent out-of-order laundry machines can disrupt operations and lead to a decrease in profit and productivity alike. If you find that you are frequently needing to repair your laundry machines, causing them to sit unused, it is a clear indication that maintenance is required. For those considering replacing their laundry machines, newer models can be suggested and maintained under a commercial laundry room maintenance plan, ensuring the longest life possible for the machine.

Safety and Building Compliance Issues with Commercial Laundry Room

The problem with unsafe commercial laundry rooms is obvious. To protect the laundry room employees and to ensure the facility is up to code, it is important to regularly maintain commercial laundry rooms and check for necessary upgrades. The following are some safety concerns or compliance issues that require immediate attention:

Workflow Ergonomics

Do the employees of your commercial laundry room need to frequently stoop, twist or reach for heavy items? Improper workplace ergonomics can lead to accidents and injury. For employees this can lead to higher turnover for employees injured on the job. It can also lead to injury for the customers of the commercial laundry space, and both of these situations can have legal ramifications.

To combat this, a commercial laundry management company will check the ergonomic workflow of your commercial laundry room to ensure that the workstations are well laid out and that employees have training on proper ergonomics of lifting and moving heavy laundry.

Outdated Safety Features

Some safety features are essential to all modern commercial laundry rooms. These can include things like emergency stop buttons for machines and proper ventilation and duct cleaning. Built up dryer lint and blocked exhaust is one of the biggest causes of fire, so having the dryer ducts regularly cleaned is a big aspect of commercial laundry room maintenance. It is also crucial to the safety of your laundry room and your property that you have fire alarms and suppression systems installed. Upgrading or adding these safety measures can significantly improve the overall safety and compliance of the facility.

Environmental Regulations

Environmental regulations are becoming increasingly stringent, and commercial laundry rooms must comply with relevant guidelines. Does your commercial laundry facility meet updated environmental standards? A commercial laundry management company can help your business upgrade to eco-friendly machines. Not only does this mean a compliant laundry room, but also results in lower utility bills and potential tax incentives.

New, Updated Machines Means Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is vital to the success of any business that relies on commercial laundry services. If you receive an increasing number of customer complaints or negative reviews, you could be losing money and customers. Here is what could cause customer dissatisfaction, which is an obvious indicator that maintenance or upgrades are necessary.

Lack of Modern Upgrades

In today's competitive market, customers often expect certain modern conveniences in their commercial laundry rooms. In addition to smart washers and dryers, most modern laundry rooms offer features such as cash-free payment options, mobile app integration, or self-service capabilities. If you do not offer the easiest and most up-to-date equipment, your customers may look elsewhere.

Inconsistent Cleaning Results in Washing Machines and Ineffective Dryers

Outdated and poorly maintained laundry equipment can lead to inconsistent cleaning results, leaving stains or odors on linens and clothes. Ineffective dryers are equally problematic, requiring long wait times and, for renters, more money to get their clothes dry. This can negatively impact customer satisfaction and damage the reputation of the facility. Regular dryer maintenance, washing machine maintenance, calibration of equipment, and upgrading to more advanced models can improve cleaning outcomes and customer satisfaction.

Commercial Laundry Room Maintenance and Design Made Easy

A commercial laundry room's maintenance and upgrade needs should not be ignored, as they directly impact efficiency, safety, and business success of commercial laundry rooms. However, most business owners and property managers do not have time to maintain their machines, let alone get upgrades and do re-designs. That is where Smartomat comes in. Their legendary service allows you to have the best possible laundry room with minimal fuss. Give them a call or check out Smartomat’s website to see what they can do for you!

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