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How Laundry Rooms in Multifamily Apartment Homes Improve Resident Retention

To residents in multifamily apartment homes, laundry facilities are one of your property's most important amenities. They are convenient, safe, and easy to get to, not to mention the fact that residents can enjoy washing their clothes around their neighbors. They are only seconds away from their apartment if they have to return home for something while doing laundry. This blog will discuss how, when planned and appropriately maintained, laundry rooms in multifamily apartments can increase the rental property's worth, desirability, and resident retention.

How Laundry Rooms in Multifamily Apartment Homes Can Improve Resident Retention

Having and maintaining a laundry facility in your multifamily rental property can improve customer experience, improving customer retention. When customers are satisfied, they stay longer, refer you to friends more, and are more willing to leave excellent reviews when their lease is up and they move on.

Here are some ways that the laundry room in your multifamily rental property can increase customer retention:

Having the Latest Technology

A practical laundry room starts with high-quality equipment. With brand-new, functional, and advanced commercial equipment, tenants can wash and dry their laundry efficiently and effectively and be content that your property has gone the extra mile for them. Let SmartOMat install and maintain your state-of-the-art new washers and dryers, and then manage and maintain your laundry room so that you know your residents will always have a clean and efficient laundry facility to wash their clothes in.

Keeping Laundry Equipment Serviced

Even top-quality laundry equipment can break down or suffer damage when not properly maintained. Unhappy tenants can be burdened by broken equipment that cannot clean or dry clothes effectively. Therefore, keeping the equipment in laundry facilities running efficiently should be a top priority for property owners.

Instead of scrambling for solutions as problems arise, you can schedule routine maintenance with a reputable laundry room management company to periodically perform preventative maintenance checks on your washers and dryer preventive maintenance checks on your washers and dryers. By catching problems early, you'll be able to save money while keeping tenants satisfied. SmartOMat works hard to minimize repair times for our clients, allowing tenants to enjoy the peace of mind of knowing their property owners are going the extra mile for them.

Accept Multiple Payment Methods

The days of coin-operated laundry rooms are quickly fading away. There are fewer and fewer people carrying cash now, thanks to the many payment options that are available. Having top-quality commercial washers and dryers will allow you to accept app payments, credit cards, prepaid cards—even innovative machine payments. SmartOMat carries Speed Queen commercial washers and dryers ready to take multiple payment options right out of the box. This allows your clients to enjoy the convenience of not having to leave to get change when they do their laundry and you to make more money because they aren’t tempted to go to another facility.

Keeping the Laundry Facility Clean

Managing a property takes work. When you have tenants calling in reporting maintenance issues, tenant complaints, evictions to deal with, new prospects to show apartments to, and a slew of other tasks to worry about, it's easy to get sidetracked and let maintenance slip. Continual property maintenance is something that tenants expect property managers to stay on top of. Team up with SmartOMat to ensure that your laundry room stays clean and fresh, so your tenants can be reminded of how much you care about their experience renting from you every time they do laundry.

Increase Tenant Awareness

Including information about your laundry room’s hours of operation, available payment methods, and washer and dryer capacity will increase tenant awareness and improve their overall experience at your rental property. If you have a blog, you could post a blog about your laundry facility, put out informative flyers, or send emails to your tenants letting them know that you are trying to make their lives easier by informing them about details about your laundry room that could only make their lives easier.

Hiring a Laundry Room Management Company

Hiring a laundry room management company like SmartOMat ensures that your customers always have a clean and operational laundry facility for washing their laundry. Thanks to our ability to remotely monitor your equipment, we can get alerts when issues arise and dispatch our techs quickly to repair the problem. We also invest in the highest quality commercial laundry equipment to ensure minimal downtime and then perform periodic maintenance checks to ensure that your washers and dryers are running efficiently and stay on top of any minor issues that could potentially worsen and cost you money—having a laundry room that is always clean and in working condition also improves customer retention by adding a level of reliability to their daily lives.


When it comes to managing and improving laundry retention in multifamily apartment homes, every step you take to make life easier for your tenants affects the overall performance of your business. Going the extra mile for your tenants will never be a wrong move; it pays you back in the success and sustainability of your business. This is true regardless of the size of the apartment complex or rental property. If you are having trouble with your laundry room equipment, tired of having to manage its cleanliness, or looking into laundry room maintenance or management plans to make your life easier as a property owner or ensure the satisfaction of your tenants, contact SmartOMat today to discuss your needs and talk about your options!

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