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What Residents Expect From a Laundry Facility

What Residents Expect from a Multifamily Apartment Homes Laundry Facility

Laundry facilities are a vital part of any apartment complex or rental property. When you set out to create your laundry facility, it is important to make sure that you are creating a welcoming environment that is going to entice people to rent. Laundry is an essential amenity that can set apart your multifamily property and give you a competitive edge. There are certain expectations that all residents have when it comes to their laundry facilities. In this article, we will discuss what residents expect from a laundry facility so that you can provide a spotless and effective laundry center.

#1 Cleanliness

This is the most basic and important component of running a laundry facility. Residents will notice problems such as dirty floors, clothes laying around, washing detergent spilled out on the machines or the floors, and trash overflowing. No one wants to spend time in a dirty environment, but this is especially true when trying to clean clothes.

If the atmosphere of your apartment building’s laundry room is not clean, residents will not feel comfortable using the facilities. This could deter potential tenants and could even cause current tenants to leave the property if the situation is bad enough.

If you don’t have time to regularly clean and manage the laundry room yourself, consider hiring a company that will manage the laundry room for you

#2 Machines That Work

There is nothing more frustrating than going to do your laundry and finding that your machine is broken. Because the property managers are unlikely to use the machines, it is easy to let repairs slip to the wayside. The best way to ensure that your machines are always functioning is to have a company dedicated to servicing and maintaining your laundry room

#3 Detergent

Selling detergent on the property is a normal part of any laundry facility, but often times apartment complexes and multifamily properties don’t think about offering the same services, since residents often bring detergent with them. Even if you are running a long-term rental facility, though, it is worth setting up a vending machine with the basics like detergent. While residents will often bring their own soap, having detergent on hand can save them in a pinch, and add an extra element of convenience to your facilities.

#4 Fair Prices

Remember, your laundry room is an amenity, not a get-rich-quick scheme. If you don’t price your machines fairly, your residents are going to have to waste time and energy to tote their laundry off the property to more affordable laundromats. This can build up resentment and is a recipe for disaster. Remember, laundry is an essential service, not a luxury, and should be priced accordingly.

#5 Convenient Hours

The best case scenario is giving your residents 24/7 access to the facilities. However, if that is not possible, make sure that you have reasonable hours for residents to use the facilities. Remember, many people’s laundry schedules are dictated by their work schedules, which can vary. If you make it logistically impossible for your residents to do laundry, they might find themselves motivated to move to a different housing situation. If you do have restricted hours, you can work with Smartomat to enable autoshut-off features.

#6 A Place To Store Laundry Baskets/Hampers

When you are designing your laundry room, you want to keep users in mind. Even if you have your own laundry machines at home, consider doing a couple of loads in your rental property’s laundry room to see if there are any problems with the setup. Alternatively, you can hire a laundry management company to help you effectively organize and design your laundry room so that there is plenty of space for laundry baskets, carts, and other laundry room necessities.

#7 A Place To Fold Clothes

Many people take pride in their appearance, and they want to fold their clothes right after they come out of the dryer in order to prevent wrinkles. Providing a large, empty counter can help residents do this. If there is no space to fold clothes and sort through laundry, it is a recipe for frustration.

If you want to go the extra mile, you could also consider installing an iron and ironing board in your facilities. While it isn’t required, it is a relatively cheap way to impress residents and make their laundry experience just a bit easier.

#8 Convenient Location

You want to insure that your customers are put out by visiting your facilities. If you are in an apartment complex with internal amenities, make sure that you include the laundry with the other main amenities. Think about whether it is possible to access the facilities easily in poor weather conditions, or if it is difficult for residents to get to with large, heavy laundry baskets in tow.

#9 Effortless Payment

Gone are the days of people carrying around coins in their pockets. In the 21st century, cash is no longer king. People rely on credit cards for everything, and keeping coins on their person is highly inconvenient.

If you have to use coin machines because you can’t afford to replace them, make sure that you have a machine where residents can exchange their bills for coins. It is extremely unlikely that your residents will always have exact change on them, and you don’t want them to associate doing laundry with the stress of searching the house for coins they can use to pay for it.

Ideally, you are going to want to have a card reader on your machines or a central payment system that uses cards. It is even better if you can implement contactless pay, which is becoming more and more popular.

#10 21st-Century Technology

Payment systems are not your only opportunity to bring your machines into the 21st century! Residents are always impressed by investing in modern machines with various wash cycles. Nowadays, you can even offer services where residents can check the availability of machines on their smartphones. This can save residents from wasting time and energy by going to the laundry room when it is full.

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