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How to Decide on the Right Laundry Room Management Service for your Apartment Complex/Multi-fam Unit

Property management and owners have a lot to manage on a day-to-day basis, and this is especially true for those that own and manage multi-family units. Between repairs, cleaning, and tenant relations it can be hard to keep track of everything. The reality is that the laundry room often falls by the wayside.

However a good laundry room is crucial to getting and retaining good tenants. If keeping up with the laundry room is too much but you don’t want to risk losing tenants, you should consider hiring a laundry room management service. Read on to learn more about how these services work, and why you should consider hiring one for your property.

How Does a Laundry Management Service like Smartomat Help Your Business?

Property managers and owners should consider hiring a laundry management service for several reasons. While some may balk at the added expense, these services can actually save money long term.

A commercial laundry management service like Smaromat offers numerous other benefits for both the property and its tenants. Read on to learn how a laundry management service like Smaromat can help you.

Improved Tenant Satisfaction

Every multi-unit property owner knows that getting and keeping good tenants is the most important part of the business. But if you have a subpar laundry room with broken or poorly performing machines, you could lose potential tenants and money.

Smartomat can enhance tenant satisfaction in several ways. They can help you purchase new laundry equipment and update the equipment that is already there. Well-maintained and efficiently operated laundry facilities provide residents with a convenient and reliable amenity.

This, in turn, can lead to higher tenant retention rates and positive reviews, ultimately benefiting the property's reputation and occupancy rates.

Reduced Administrative Burden

Managing a laundry facility can be time-consuming for management staff. Laundry room administrative tasks include collecting coins, addressing maintenance issues, and handling tenant complaints related to the laundry equipment.

Smartomat can update the sale process to be completely digital, no more trips to the bank for coins and less work on the admin side. Smartomat also comes with a maintenance schedule and can promptly repair or replace any broken machines.

By outsourcing these responsibilities to a laundry management service, property managers can save time and focus on other critical aspects of property management, such as leasing, maintenance, and customer service.

Cost Savings

Everyone knows that repairs are cheaper than replacements, especially when it comes to laundry machines. Smartomat can help you by maintaining and extending the life of your current laundry machines, or getting you the best deal on new ones.

Additionally, laundry service providers can often provide energy-efficient machines, reducing utility costs and increasing the property's overall efficiency.

Hiring a commercial laundry management service like Smartomat for your apartment complex can lead to a more efficient and tenant-friendly laundry facility. Your business can reap those benefits while reducing the administrative burden on property managers, making it a compelling choice for property management companies.

Top Benefits of Laundry Management Service for Apartment Complex and Multi-Family Unit owners and Property Managers

Still not convinced? Read on for the top benefits of hiring a laundry machine management service for your apartment complex, multi-family unit, or other commercial laundry room. A laundry management service can offer several benefits to both property owners and tenants. Here are just some of the top advantages:

Regular, Stress Free Maintenance and Repairs:

Laundry machine management services from Smartomat include regular maintenance and repairs. By ensuring that your building’s laundry machines are always running at peak performance, you minimize downtime and complaints from broken machines. Not only will Smartomat help you get new machines for your laundry room, they can keep them in good repair.

Good Deals on Upgraded Equipment:

Smartomat knows laundry. If you need to upgrade your complex’s laundry room, they can help you find the exact laundry machines and washers that you need at reasonable costs. Smartomat can offer expert advice on modern and energy-efficient laundry equipment, which can save on utility costs and provide a more attractive and competitive amenity for your complex.

Overall Cost Savings:

Having to regularly replace and repair old laundry equipment is a huge cost. Older machines tend to be more Inefficient, using more water and power per cycle.

By upgrading with Smartomat, you can not only save a ton of money on new laundry equipment but also save on commercial laundry room management with a flat rate repair and maintenance plan. This extends the life and quality of your laundry machines with no input on part of the administration, allowing them time for other things.

Efficient Payment Systems:

Many laundry management services offer cashless payment options for their machines, which can include such features as mobile apps and card readers. These days very few people carry cash, let alone quarters.

If your apartment complex requires tenants to go to the bank and get a roll of quarters to do laundry, they may as well go to a laundromat that makes change on-site and has more machines. This oversight of payment could potentially be losing your business money.

Smartomat can allow your building’s tenants to pay with several easy options, making it more convenient for tenants. In addition, by switching to cashless payments you are reducing the risk of vandalism or theft associated with coin-operated machines, and saving management time at the bank.

Monitoring and Reporting:

Data is important to letting you know how your apartment’s laundry room is faring. Property Managers do not typically have time to glean this information, or do not have the kind of Smart Laundry machines that can provide such data.

But Smartomat does! This commercial laundry management service can provide your building’s management with real-time monitoring of machine usage and maintenance needs.

Property owners can access data and reports to better understand usage patterns, find potential leaks and problems to ensure efficient operations. They can also use the usage data to determine when the machines are least often in use in order to schedule repairs and maintenance.

Reduced Administrative Burden:

By outsourcing laundry management you can alleviate the administrative workload for property managers. Smartomat can handle scheduling repairs, hiring maintenance workers for the machines and handling tenant complaints related to the laundry facility.

With all of that outsourced to Smartomat, property managers have more time to focus on tenant retention and customer satisfaction.

Improved Security:

Are you having security issues with your laundry room? Are your apartment complex’s machines being used by someone who should not be there, or are your tenants experiencing theft in the laundry rooms? All of these things can lead to negative tenant reviews and vacancies.

A commercial laundry management service like Smartomat can improve the security of your laundry room. This is done through security measures such as surveillance cameras, to ensure the safety of tenants and the laundry equipment and cashless payments using a card or code that only tenants have.

By eliminating the criminal element from your laundry room, you get a better property.

Apartment Complex Laundry Room Space Optimization:

One of the largest factors of a good laundry room is ergonomic management and space conservation. A good floor plan can improve the workflow and prevent potential accidents or injuries.

However, very few laundry rooms in apartment complexes or multi-family units have well designed laundry rooms. Commercial laundry management services like Smartomat can help you redesign our laundry room to optimize the space, making efficient use of laundry room space.

Compliance and Regulations:

All apartment complexes must align with certain state and federal regulations. While this varies from state to state, most states have rules about the electrical wiring, the vents and anything else that may present a fire hazard.

Aside from that, there are obvious cleanliness and safety regulations that can be violated by clogged vents and loose wires. If any of these things are in your building's laundry room, your property could be vulnerable to fire and lawsuits.

Commercial laundry management providers are typically well-versed in the relevant regulations and compliance requirements for laundry facilities, ensuring that your complex adheres to any necessary guidelines. Smartomat can also help clean and redesign your laundry room to make it a brighter, more pleasant place.

Environmental Considerations:

Modern tenants are eco-minded and want an environmentally friendly way to do their laundry. In addition, saving water and power with newer, eco-friendly laundry machines lowers utility costs.

Smartomat can help you get the best energy-efficient laundry machines, reducing water and electricity consumption, which can be seen as a positive environmental choice by both tenants and property owners.

Tenant Retention

Property managers often list good tenant retention as their number one priority. A good, well maintained laundry room with new washers and dryers can make tenants feel cared for and heard, all while lessening administrative burdens.

Overall, a laundry machine management service can save time, money, and effort for apartment complex owners and offer added convenience and satisfaction for tenants, making it a valuable investment for many property managers.

What to Look For in a Laundry Room Management Service

When looking for a laundry management service for your multi-family rental property, there are several important factors one should consider to ensure you choose a reputable and effective provider. Here are some key aspects to look for when evaluating laundry management services:

Experience and Reputation:

Like any other business investment, it pays to research the laundry management service's you are considering hiring to manage your commercial laundry property. Things to look for when searching for a good provider are experience in the industry, as well as their reputation among property managers and owners.

Luckily the internet makes it easy to compare different service providers. Look for reviews, testimonials, and references to gauge their track record. However, it is important to note that new businesses might not have as many reviews, and online reviews can be easily skewed.

Range of Services:

Determine what services the company offers. Beyond equipment management, they may provide services like laundry maintenance, data monitoring, security, and apartment complex laundry room design and remodeling. Consider your specific needs when searching for a good laundry management company.

Laundry Equipment Quality and Price

Assess the quality and reliability of the laundry equipment provided by the service. High-quality, energy-efficient machines can lead to cost savings and better tenant satisfaction. Also check to see if the service can offer you any discounts or cost saving on new machines, such as smart washing machines and smart dryers.

Maintenance and Repairs:

Inquire about the provider's maintenance and repair protocols. A reliable service should have a proactive approach to keeping the equipment in good working condition, minimizing downtime. For example, Smartomat offers an easy, stress free repair and maintenance plan.

Payment Options for Tenants

Coin operated laundry machines have gone the way of the dinosaur. So when looking for a laundry management service consider the payment options offered to residents. Look for laundry management services that provide convenient cashless payment solutions, such as mobile apps and card readers.

Security Measures:

A good laundry management service can ensure the laundry facility is equipped with security features like surveillance cameras and access controls. This is both to protect the equipment from those who are not supposed to use it and to protect the machines and the residents.

Transparency and Reporting:

The service should offer transparent reporting on machine usage, revenue, and maintenance activities. This data can help property managers make informed decisions and track the performance of the laundry facility.

Customer Support:

Assess the service provider's customer support and responsiveness. Ensure they are readily available to address issues and concerns, both from the property manager's perspective and those of the residents.Hopefully you will never need customer service, but it can be important to make sure all the machines are running at peak performance.


Your tenants are important to your apartment complex. So treat them right with the best laundry room possible from Smartomat!

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