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Want to Attract Better Renters? Consider A Laundry Room Upgrade from the Pros

There are a lot of ways you can attract better renters to your multi-family unit property, including providing great units and amenities.. A top quality laundry room is one of those amenities that can go a long way to attracting and keeping good renters. Read on to learn some of the ways a well maintained, top notch laundry room draws quality tenants to your property.

Ways an Upgraded Laundry Room Can Attract Good Tenants

It's true, a well-designed and well-maintained laundry room in an apartment complex can help attract and retain good tenants. Here's a few reasons why that is:

Convenience and Accessibility of On-Site Laundry

A functional and well-equipped laundry room is simply convenient for tenants who don't have in-unit laundry facilities. This can be a significant factor for those looking to save time at the laundromat. In addition, many apartment residents view having access to a washer and dryer that they do not need to purchase and maintain as a major perk of apartment living. If you don’t have that, good tenants may consider going elsewhere.

Saving Your Tenants Time and Energy

The benefits of not having to travel to and from a laundromat are obvious, and tenants appreciate the time and effort saved by having laundry facilities on-site. This is especially true for cities where people are less likely to have cars. Having laundry facilities on-site means they don't have to carry their laundry across town, making laundry chores more manageable.

Amenities Impact Tenant Satisfaction

You want to get good tenants and keep them to avoid turnover. A good way to make your rental stand out against the competition is to provide good on-site amenities! Quality amenities contribute to overall tenant satisfaction. A modern and efficient laundry room adds value to the rental experience and makes your multi-unit rental look like a well managed, well cared for property. This will be attractive to reliable renters who want a good place to live long-term.

Competitive Edge

Rentals are a competitive market, and you want your property to stand out among the rest. By having an attractive, clean and functioning laundry facility can be a differentiator. It can make your apartment complex stand out among others who lack such facilities, and it shows that you care enough about your tenants to not only have but properly maintain these amenities.

A Shared Laundry Room Gives the Property A Community Feeling

Most people don’t go to the apartment laundry room with the intention of socializing, but it does tend to happen. It's a shared space where tenants may interact, providing an opportunity to build a positive and friendly living environment. A consciously-designed, clean and well maintained laundry room can foster a sense of community amount your tenants

Improved Property Value

A poorly maintained, outdated property with no amenities shows your prospective tenants that this rental is not going to have the best living experience. Whereas a property with well-maintained amenities, including laundry facilities, shows tenants that the property has involved dedicated owners and managers. If you want your rental to have a higher perceived value, a clean and well maintained laundry room can go a long way to attracting tenants who are willing to pay premium rents for a better living experience.

Tenant Retention

Constant tenant turnover is a costly and exhausting problem. You want to lease properties to tenants who are looking to stay long term, and offering amenities can do that. By offering convenient and well-maintained laundry facilities, you get higher tenant satisfaction. Happy tenants are more likely to renew leases, reducing turnover costs for property managers.

Positive Online Reviews and Increased Tenant Referrals

Bad online reviews can drive away potential tenants and if your laundry room is often broken and dirty, tenants will leave a bad review. Satisfied tenants are more likely to leave positive reviews about their living experience. This can, in turn, attract prospective tenants who rely on online reviews when searching for a place to rent. In addition, old fashioned word of mouth recommendations can also contribute to your property. Happy tenants are likely to recommend the apartment complex to friends, family, or colleagues.

Overall Tenant Peace of Mind

It can be very difficult for a tenant to decide what apartment complex to live in. No one likes to move all the time, and they want to know that they are choosing a good home for them and their family. No tenant wants to have a bad rental experience.

Knowing that the property management invests in and cares about common areas like the laundry room can provide tenants with peace of mind. It creates a sense of security and confidence in the overall management of the apartment complex.

Laundry Room Upgrades– Where to Start?

So you have decided to improve your property's laundry room– great job! An updated laundry room can go a long way to improving tenant satisfaction, lowering vacancies and improving your properties online reputation. But where to start?

A new laundry room can be daunting to anyone, especially property managers who already have so much on their plate. If you want to update your apartment complex’s laundry room but don’t know where to start, consider reaching out to a laundry management service like Smartomat.

Reach out to the Pros at Smartomat

Hiring a laundry machine management service like Smartomat for your apartment complex can offer great benefits to both property owners and tenants alike! Here are just a few of the services that Smartomat offers to improve your apartment complex’s laundry room.

Effortless Laundry Machine Repairs and Maintenance

Managing a property is an endless list of things to do. From the plumbing to the electricity and HVAC systems, there is always something that needs to be repaired and maintained. Often the laundry room falls to the bottom of that list, causing broken machines and unhappy tenants.

With Smartomat Laundry Service you get regular maintenance and repairs without having to go through property management. Tenants can make maintenance requests themselves through the easy-to-use online portal.This minimizes laundry machine downtime and ensures that the machines are always in working condition, while reducing property managements to-do list!

Need New Laundry Equipment? Smartomat can help!

Do you need to replace your laundry equipment? Smartomat can make that daunting task a breeze! Not only can the laundry professionals at Smartomat help you find the exact washers and dryers for your apartment laundry room, they can also help save money on new purchases! Smartomat can help remove and haul away the old appliances, while seamlessly installing the new ones. Smartomat knows that investing in new laundry equipment can be costly and stressful, so they go out of their way to make the process as easy as possible.

Apartment Laundry Room Makeovers

Is your apartment’s laundry room as well designed as it could be? A poorly designed laundry room can make the space feel smaller, interrupt natural workflow and even cause ergonomic problems for tenants trying to do their laundry. Smartomat can help you optimize your property’s laundry space by moving machines, adding better lighting and properly aligning and securing wiring. They can also help to suggest paint color, seating areas, create instructional signage and other apartment laundry room ideas. Your tenants will love a laundry room that has been designed by Smartomat!

Direct Tenant Access for Payment Systems and Maintenance Requests

Are you still making your tenants pay for their laundry with quarters? Most modern transactions are cashless, so why shouldn’t laundry be? Besides, if your tenant has to go to the bank to do laundry, why not just take their business elsewhere?

Smartomat can update your laundry room services to be completely cashless, which adds convenience and reduces the risk of vandalism and theft. Tenants can use Smartomats convenient portal to add money to their account, saving everyone a trip to the bank.

In addition, Smartomat’s online portal allows for tenants to directly make maintenance requests. No more paper and pen requests getting lost in the shuffle, causing tenants to feel frustrated and unheard. Tenants can trust that after a maintenance or repair request is made, Smartomat will promptly send out a service technician to fix the problem.

Lowered Electricity and Water Bills

With new, energy-efficient laundry machines from Smartomat you can lower your water and electricity consumption. Modern machines are significantly more efficient than older machines, which use more water and electricity. This update not only saves you money, but can be seen as a positive environmental choice by both tenants and property owners.

More Data Than Ever Before

Knowledge is power. Smartomat can monitor your machines in order to give your property managers data on machine usage, maintenance needs and electricity and water consumption. This data can help you find any water leaks, schedule preventative maintenance and give an overall better understanding of your laundry room usage. This data can also show Smartomat and management the quietest time of day for your laundry room in order to schedule maintenance and repairs.

Aligning with Laundry Room Compliance and Regulations:

If you have not updated your laundry room, you may be inadvertently non-compliant to laundry room regulations, such as water temperature caps and handicap accessibility. These regulations can vary from state to state, and can be convoluted.

Luckily, the laundry service providers at Smartomat are typically well-versed in the relevant regulations and compliance requirements for laundry facilities. They can work with you to ensure that your complex adheres to any necessary guidelines, and make necessary updates to make your laundry room accessible to people who use wheelchairs, etc.

Great Laundry Rooms, Less Administrative Work

Managing an apartment complex is hard. By outsourcing laundry management to Smartomat, you can alleviate some of the administrative workload for property managers, freeing up their time for more important aspects of apartment life and tenant satisfaction.

The workload of a typical laundry room can include things like collecting coins and delivering them to the bank, scheduling repairs, hiring and managing someone to perform maintenance and handling tenant complaints related to the laundry facility. Smartomat handles all these issues and so much more, giving your tenants a luxurious laundry room for a fraction of the stress!

Improved Security for Tenants

Laundry rooms can be an unfortunate site of criminal activity, such as theft, vandalism, and loitering. If there are people in your laundry room who aren't supposed to be or that theft is taking place you are guaranteed to have less tenant satisfaction and more vacancies. Smartomat can help you implement security measures, such as surveillance cameras, and remove temptation by creating a cashless payment system. This goes a long way to ensure the safety of tenants and the laundry equipment, showing that you care about your property and its inhabitants.

Still not convinced? Check out the Reviews!

Still on the fence about how Smartomat can improve your multi-unit rental property? Check out our website and see the testimonials from satisfied customers! From apartment complex laundry rooms to university dorm laundry rooms and so much more, Smartomat has been able to help these businesses succeed and save money while improving the overall property investment.

Less Work for a Better Property– Let Smartomat Help Your Property Be All That It Can Be!

Rental markets are competitive. If you want to have the best tenants for the longest amount of time possible, you need to provide amenities that make people want to stay. A good laundry room can help create a community space, as well as a convenient amenity for the people who live in your building. After all, a property is more than just a place people live– it is a home.

Reach out to Smartomat or check out the website to see how Smartomat can save your business time, money, and effort while offering added convenience and satisfaction for tenants, making it a valuable investment for many property managers.

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