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The Height of Technology in your Laundry Room: Smart Laundry Machines, How They Work and Why You Nee

Technology is a huge part of our lives, so why wouldn’t it be a part of our laundry? Modern Smart Laundry Machines make laundry easier and more efficient. Read on to learn more about the best smart washing machines and dryers, especially for apartment complex supervisors, owners and management

What are some things that Smart Washer and Dryer Technology can do?

Smart washer and dryer technology has advanced very quickly, blossoming into an entire industry of products that make doing laundry easy, efficient and fun!

These days having top loading smart washing machines in your apartment’s laundry room or other commercial laundry rooms gives your business an edge over the competition. If you want the best commercial laundry room, consider switching to these machines. But first you need to know what these new machines can do that makes them so special.

Modern smart laundry machines offer a range of features and capabilities depending on the brand and price point, so every machine will be slightly different. That being said, here are some of the things that smart washer and dryer technology can do:

Start, stop and monitor your laundry with an app.

Now you don’t even have to leave the couch to see the status of your laundry. You can control your washer and dryer remotely using a smartphone app. This allows you to start, pause, or schedule laundry cycles from anywhere, even when you're not at home.

This is especially attractive to apartment tenants and other people that share a laundry room, as they can run errands and know exactly when to return to change over their laundry. It also lowers the risk of forgotten laundry.

Customized cleaning and drying cycles

A variety of laundry cycle options is not new. But the best smart washing machines offer a variety of cycle options, and you can often customize these settings to suit your specific laundry needs. This includes adjusting wash temperatures, spin speeds, and cycle duration, to make sure that you get the perfect clean every time

Energy efficiency

Smart washers and dryers often come with energy-saving features. This can go a long way for commercial laundry business owners and apartment complex managers, as high energy costs can eat into profit.

With a smart top loading washing machine, you can get features like load sensing, which optimizes water and energy usage based on the size of the load. Not only does this take the guesswork out of the settings, but it saves on water and electricity.

Users get notifications on their phone with their laundry is done

As people who use communal laundry machines know: there is nothing more frustrating than forgetting your laundry in the washing machine or finding that someone has forgotten their clothes in the dryer that you need to use.

These smart washer and dryer appliances can send the user notifications when a cycle is complete or if there's an issue, such as low detergent or a clogged lint filter. In addition to easy notifications on the app, many smart washers and dryers can be integrated with virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, allowing you to control them through voice commands.

Preventing unbalanced loads

Having an unbalanced load of laundry in the washing machine can impact performance, and even cause damage as the machine rocks. Smart washers can detect load imbalances and adjust the drum's rotation to prevent excessive shaking and noise during the spin cycle.

Smart laundry machines are able to update and download new settings

Some models of smart washers and dryers even allow you to download additional wash and dry cycles from the manufacturer, or update software to get more tracking data.This means your washer or dryer runs better with nothing more than an online update from the manufacturer!

Fabric care recommendations

Some smart appliances can suggest wash cycles and settings based on the type of fabric and stain you're dealing with. This can get a better, more specific clean for your laundry.

Please remember that, while Smart Laundry Machines are amazing, these features vary depending on the make and model of the smart washer and dryer, so it's essential to research and choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

Don’t have time to do all that? Consider hiring a Laundry management company like the pros at Smartomat. They can help you get the best smart laundry machines at reasonable prices!

Why Property Owners and Managers Should Consider Smart Laundry Machines for their Properties

Owning a business with several laundry machines can be a complicated challenge. With so many machines to update, monitor, clean and repair, it can be hard to make sure that everything is running at peak performance.

The best smart washers and dryers can take the guesswork out of maintenance, and can provide you with data that can help your business. Read on to learn why you should consider updating your business’s laundry machines.

Laundry statistics– knowledge is power

Some smart appliances provide usage statistics. If you find that your apartment complex’s water bill is higher than usual, you can check the machines to find out if there is a leak or an inconsistency.

Smart laundry machines also offer energy monitoring, so supervisors can track the energy consumption of the commercial laundry room. This information can also help management know what times of day the laundry machines are being used, so as to schedule repairs and maintenance during non-peak business hours.

Smart Laundry Machine diagnostics and maintenance alerts

Smart appliances can monitor their own performance and send alerts when they require maintenance or repairs. This takes the guesswork out of repairs, and makes it easier to perform maintenance which helps prolong the life of your appliances and reduce downtime caused by broken machines.

Improved tenant experience:

If you own or manage an apartment complex, you know how important keeping good tenants is. Smart washing machines and dryers in the shared laundry area offer your tenants convenience.

They can schedule and monitor laundry cycles remotely through a mobile app, and they know that they are getting the best possible clean for their clothes.

In addition, the notifications smart laundry machines use to alert tenants of their completed laundry greatly reduces the risk of forgotten laundry or machine disputes. Smart laundry machines can help tenants feel appreciated and that they are getting the best rental experience possible.

Remote monitoring of machines for peace of mind

Having Smart Laundry Machines in your apartment’s shared laundry room allows for property managers to remotely monitor the status and usage of the laundry machines.

This way, if something is broken or there is a leak, the property manager will be immediately notified and able to fix it. Remote monitoring of machines means that property managers don’t have to be on site to ensure that the building’s laundry machines are well-maintained and fully functional.

Energy and Cost Savings:

Modern laundry machines are much more energy efficient than older models, and Smart laundry machines often come with energy-saving features.

These include load sensing and optimized cycle settings, which prevent users from using more water and power than needed to effectively clean and dry their clothes. By lowering water and electricity waste, smart laundry machines can lead to reduced utility bills.

Billing and Revenue Tracking

Less and less people carry cash these days. In the world of modern commerce almost all payments are digital, so why shouldn't laundry be the same?

If your tenants have to go to the bank for a roll of quarters in order to use their apartment complex’s laundry room, they might as well go to a laundromat that makes change on site.

The majority of smart laundry machines can take credit cards, saving everyone time and money. Some smart systems can even facilitate automated billing and revenue tracking, streamlining the process of collecting laundry fees and providing transparency to property managers.

Increased Property Security

Tired of people in your laundry room who aren’t supposed to be there? With a set of Smart Laundry Machines you can secure access control. This is usually done with some kind of card or code given only to tenants.

Then the smart laundry systems incorporate secure access controls, ensuring that only authorized tenants can use the machines. This reduces the risk of unauthorized access, misuse of the machines, and general wear and tear by those who aren’t supposed to use them.

Competitive Advantage:

As previously stated, getting and keeping good tenants is an incredibly important aspect of property management. Offering modern, convenient amenities like smart laundry machines can make your property more attractive to potential tenants, potentially leading to higher occupancy rates and increased rent potential. It certainly gives a competitive edge.

By upgrading to smart laundry machines, property managers can enhance tenant satisfaction while reducing operational costs. However, it's important to carefully assess the needs and preferences of your tenants and evaluate the available options to determine the best fit for your property.

The Best Way To Update Your Laundry Machines? Hire a Laundry Room Management Company

Do you want to update your business's laundry room with smart washers and dryers, but don’t know where to start? Don’t stress– there is an easy way to get the best machines and the best maintenance at a reasonable cost!

Consider reaching out to hire a laundry room management company such as Smartomat. Here are just a few ways Smartomat can help you get the laundry room of your dreams:

The best machines at prices you can trust

The laundry experts at Smartomat know everything there is to know about laundry machines. That's why you can trust them to help you get the exact washers and dryers you need.. Whether it is Smart Top Loading Washing machines or stacked washer-dryers, the professionals can help you place your orders as well as deliver and install, all at reasonable prices,

Stress-free maintenance and repairs

Smart laundry machines, such as the ones Smartomat can help you purchase for your business, let you know when maintenance is required. But Smaromat takes it one step further– by buying a Smartomat maintenance and repair plan you don’t ever have to worry about your laundry machines breaking again.

Whether you need your laundry machines for business, or if they are used by tenants, the fact remains that laundry machine maintenance is a lot less expensive than replacement. It is also true that frequently broken machines can mean less customers and less money. A maintenance plan from Smartomat means you get the most life out of your machines.

Laundry Room Design and Improvement

Need to redesign your commercial laundry room but don’t know where to start? Smartomat can create a design to improve efficiency and lessen the potential for accidents or injuries. It can also improve the flow of the room, making it feel more spacious for users.

Smartomat Go’s Smart Laundry Machines– Stress Free Convenience

Partnering with a professional laundry management company, like the pros at Smartomat, in order to update your laundry room with smart machines is a smart investment!

A new laundry room with smart laundry machines can significantly enhance tenant satisfaction, reduce operating costs, and give your property a competitive edge.

However, most property managers and commercial laundry room owners do not have the time to update their machines.

This is where a laundry management service comes in! Smartomat has everything you need to get the most out of your laundry room. With design updates and the best smart washing machines and dryers, Smartomat delivers convenience, efficiency, and modern amenities, all while you focus on other things!

Property owners will find that a laundry room from Smartomat will attract and retain happy tenants, ultimately increasing the overall value and appeal of your rental property. Upgrade your laundry room today and experience the difference smart machines can make for your property and its tenants.

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