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What is the Best Commercial Front Load Washer for Business?

What is the Best Commercial Front Load Washer for Business?

If you are a business owner who runs any type of company that has to deal with laundry on a regular basis, finding the best commercial front-load washer is vital for your success. For example, in hotels, apartment buildings, restaurants, spas, and cruise ships, the equipment that you invest in plays a critical role in the success, the sustainability, and the profitability of your company.

In this post, will tell you why we believe that Speed Queen washers and dryers are some of the best commercial washers in the industry, and why we demand them for our customers.

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Speed Queen Commercial Washers

Speed queen is known undeniably as the leader in the commercial laundry equipment industry. They have been in the business since 1908, supplying world-class commercial washers and dryers that offer business owners unsurpassed performance, unmatched efficiency, and the kind of accessibility and efficiency that you can only get by buying products from a true industry leader.

From advanced controls and the highest quality components to cloud-based management platforms and seamless, well-thought-out user experiences, Speed Queen washers and dryers are the best option for business owners, hands down.

The next couple of sections will highlight some of our best commercial front-load washers for business and outline the benefits and specifications of each model so you can see what we see when we think of "best-in-class commercial laundry equipment."

So, let's get started…

Speed Queen® Commercial Front Load Washers

For businesses that depend on their laundry equipment to run their business, the best commercial front-load washers must offer superior performance, easy and intuitive customer experiences, and long-lasting lifespans backed by outstanding manufacturer warranties.

Speed Queen® front-load washers do just that…

Speed Queen® washers offer a revolutionary suspension and sensing system that delivers unsurpassed support and advanced, revolutionary features. They also come with built-in coin, card, and mobile payment options, so they are ready for business from day one.

If you want a commercial washer that gets clothes ***sparkling clean*** while delivering uninterrupted wash cycles and virtually zero vibration and noise, the Speed Queen® front-load washer is the way to go.

The Speed Queen® front-load washer packs an incredible 440 G-Force extraction speed and has been carefully designed to maximize water efficiency, drastically reduce dry times, and slash utility costs month after month.

Similar models in its class offer 300-500G-Force extraction speeds and similar features, but, as previously stated, they don't last as long, and they break down more. In short, they just aren't built like Speed Queen®.

Here is a full list of features:

· Multi-level Vend Pricing

· Easy-to-read Digital Display

· Integrated Meter Case

· Water Efficiency: Requires Half the Water of a Top Load Washer

· Individual Cycle Modifier Keys

· Four-compartment Soap Dispenser

· Large Capacity Meter Case Standard

· Wash Alert™ Capability

· 440 G-force Extraction

· Revolutionary Balancing Technology

· Industry-leading 1200 RPM Spin Speed Exerts

· Extra-wide 15.5˝ Door Opening and 180º Door Swing

· Rugged Suspension System

· Durable Stainless Steel Tub Standard

Drawbacks of Front Load Washers:

Here are a few drawback of front load washers:

· More Expensive: Front load washers are more expensive than top load washers

· Harder to Maintain in Some Cases: Front-load washers may be more difficult to maintain if they are used frequently. This case, a top load washer may be a better fit for you.

· Unable to Stop Mid-cycle: Unlike top-load washers that allow you to open the lid and put more clothes in and mid cycle, front load washers will be unable to stop halfway through.

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Speed Queen® Commercial Stack Washer/Dryer

Double the benefits—half the space. Sometimes, this is the most efficient way to go in the commercial laundry sector. Especially when you are starting small… You don’t always have room for side-by-sides. Speed Queen's Stack Washer/Dryer packs all of the same amazing features as the front-load washer and the single-load dryer—combined into one.

Stack washers and dryers by Speed Queen® provide a convenient stacked concept that takes up half the floor space of conventional washers and dryers that sit side by side. This stacked commercial masterpiece comes with freestanding soft mounts that make it compatible with all types of floor types, making installation a cinch.

The Speed Queen's Stack Washer/Dryer combo can be easily installed the same way standard washers and dryers are installed. Plumbing and electrical changes do not need to be made. A stack washer/dryer from Speed Queen is built to last a lifetime thanks to its heavy-duty construction and reliable operation.

There are fewer moving parts in these systems, so you'll have fewer maintenance issues and wear and tear issues over time. All Speed Queen products are ADA compliant.

Residents benefit from a truly premium experience with the Quantum® Gold Pro controls, offering Soft-touch buttons and multiple cycle options, payment options and an easy to use interface—Just what it takes to provide managers with the revenue potential they need for success.

· Multi-level Vend Pricing

· Easy-to-read Digital Display

· Integrated Meter Case

· Individual Cycle Modifier Keys

· Large Capacity Meter Case Standard

· Wash Alert™ Capability

· Ada Compliant Washer

· Rugged Suspension System

· Industry-Leading 1200 Rpm Spin Speed Exerts

· 440 G-Force Extraction

· Durable Stainless Steel Washtub

· Four-Compartment Soap Dispenser

· Extra-Wide 15.5˝ Door Opening and 180º Door Swing Dryer

· Upfront Lint Filter Is Easily Cleaned and Secured

· Industry's Largest Door Opening 2.06 Sq. Ft. (1914 Cm2)

· Quiet, Efficient Blower System

Smart-O-Mat Offers More Than Just Commercial Laundry Equipment

Smart-O-Mat offers more than just commercial laundry equipment! We also specialize in laundry room management, service and maintenance, and laundromat consulting services.

Your equipment has to be working properly to make sure that your customers, residents, or employees are satisfied. Scheduling regular maintenance stops and monitoring equipment remotely is the best way to ensure that minor issues don't turn into costly problems.

We use state-of-the-art technology to achieve this. By remotely monitoring your equipment, we are able to respond quicker, get your equipment back and up and running quicker, and put smiles back on the faces of your customers than traditional laundry room maintenance companies.

If you're looking for a laundry room maintenance company to make periodic maintenance inspections to ensure that your laundry rooms are working efficiently and keep everything clean and in working order, our maintenance technicians will show up and check all of your equipment, make sure that your floors are swept, and make certain that everything is working properly and ready for customers.

Best Commercial Front Load Washer - Final Thoughts

We hope this post has educated you on why we choose Speed Queen® front-load washers and why we consider them the best commercial front-load washer for business use.

As business owners and as experts in the commercial laundry equipment and management industry, we understand what it is like to want to make the best investment in your business. Investing in the right commercial laundry equipment will payout in the long run and help ensure your business is sustainable, efficient, and successful.

If you have any questions about our equipment or feedback on our site, fill out this contact form to get a callback.

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